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The Snitch is a satirical school publication with absolutely no connection to any school sanctioned media, which should be abundantly clear the second you begin reading our poorly edited articles. We write on various topics ranging from local news to politics. Our team consists of a myriad of talents - from showing up two times and never coming back to using this to pad our resumes. We want to thank you for reading this far as every view helps us get into college.

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Our Awesome Team

Wren Buehler

Editor in Chief?

Remember, kids— you don’t have to be skilled to head a club. You just need to outlast everyone better than you.

Tali Goelman

Managing Editor

“There is no subject as juxtaposed between art and history as philosophy. On one hand, it is in touch with the exact science of historical context, and on the other, it is a subjective artistic interpretation of the way of living.” - Map R Test

Nicholas Daum

Head Writer

What they don’t know is that I’m using a vast sweatshop of monkeys to write all my articles. One day they’ll finish one.

Daviana Marcus

Writer, Editor

Writer of lanky articles.

Liv Dentoni


We are decidedly not all in this together.

Bruno Chong

Writer, IT

This bio has been redacted by The Administration for clarity.

Sanjana Surendran


You’ll either catch me sleeping or meticulously planning my path to world domination. Be afraid.


Art Critic

Grug am learned. Grug am have bachelor’s degree in art history from Cavern University. Do not make harmful assumption about Grug.

Dr. Reese Sessions

Snitch Chief Economics Contributor

Dr. Reese Sessions is the Chief Economics Contributor to The Snitch. He has a PHD from the London School Of Economics and is critically acclaimed for his landmark paper on 'Eating The Irish As A Solution To World Hunger.'

Jake Krillen

Snitch Sports Head

Bro, I'm only here in case a football scholarship can't cut it.